BOOKWORM- I have played this game have to make many different words. From a rating 1-10 I would give it a 4. The reason for that is because it not really all that fun but i still liked it.

CHECKERS-I have played checkers and i really liked it i dont know why but i kept replaying it again. I think it was because i kept losing.

BUBBLE WRAP- not to be mean or anything but this game is boring. All you really do is touch the screen trying to pop the bubble wrap.

DOODLE BUDDY- i really enjoyed this one because you can draw anything you want and also get different pictures.

D-DEEP SEA-i thought this game was more for younger kids that need to learn their shapes.

HANGMAN- i didnt play this game alot but i liked it very much.

JELLY CAR- this game for me is very difficult to make the car move but its actually a very good game.

OREGON TRAIL- I played this game more than any gameon the i pod one of my
favorite games.
its the best.

WATER SLIDE- This was the second one i played the most. i personally really liked this game .

TAP TAP- I played this game about once I relly liked this game its awsome.